Conflict Counseling for Marriages

What is Conflict Counseling?

Conflict counseling is a professional consulting service that helps individuals resolve conflicts using negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution techniques traditionally reserved for legal disputes. This type of counseling is ideally suited to helping couples and married partners with marital counseling, couples dispute resolution, or couples conflict resolution, and a other related types of couples conflict resolution needs. This type of process is aimed at addressing persistent conflicts within relationships, and offers an efficient and cost-effective means of resolution. Unlike therapeutic treatments, conflict counseling focuses on resolving a specific conflict rather than addressing broader relational issues. Conflict counse,ing usually involves brief sessions that may include individual and joint consultations to understand and address the concerns of all parties involved. 

How Can Conflict Counseling Help My Marriage?

Marital conflict counseling or couples conflict counseling can assist a married couple struggling with marital issues by offering a focused approach to resolving specific conflicts. It employs negotiation and mediation strategies to help the couple understand each other's perspectives, communicate more effectively, and find mutually satisfactory solutions to their problems. Through individual and joint sessions, conflict counseling aims to facilitate a clearer understanding of the issues at hand, encouraging couples to work together towards resolving their conflicts and improving their relationship dynamics. Sessions are usually informal, and for convenience are usually conducted via telephone or virtual meeting.

How Long Does It Take?

The duration of conflict counseling can vary depending on the complexity of the issues and the willingness of the parties involved to work towards resolution. Many conflicts may be resolved with only a couple of telephonic conferences. Some may require more time for the parties to consider issues as they arise. And some issues may require a few weeks to a few months. But the focus of conflict counseling is on resolving a specific, or specific conflicts, rather than on long-term therapy, so the process is generally much more concise than traditional counseling methods.

How Much Does it Cost?

While the conflict counseling process focuses on specific issues, rather than longer term thereutic goals, and consequently is not expected to be as expensive as therapy. The cost of a legal professional is a consideration. Our current hourly rate for conflict counseling services is $200.00 an hour, billed in .25-hour increments. So, a typical starting retainer might be $500.00 for the parties to start with 2.5 hours of time. This arrangement will be sufficient to resolve many conflicts, and will be provide insight and direction for those matters that require more time. 

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