Pre-Litigation Counseling & Mediation

What Is Pre-Litigation Counseling & Mediation

Pre-litigation counseling in the context of conflict counseling involves a proactive approach to dispute resolution, where parties are guided towards resolving conflicts before they escalate to the point of litigation. This aspect of conflict counseling provides several key benefits and functionalities, as outlined in the document:

Pre-litigation counseling, as described, focuses on resolution paths from the very outset of a case, combining legal advice with mediation techniques. This approach is particularly beneficial in family law contexts, where it can help parties understand their situations better and develop a plan that fits their specific needs, potentially saving them from the emotional and financial costs of litigation.

How Long Does It Take?

The duration of conflict counseling can vary depending on the complexity of the issues and the willingness of the parties involved to work towards resolution. Many conflicts may be resolved with only a couple of telephonic conferences. Some may require more time for the parties to consider issues as they arise. And some issues may require a few weeks to a few months. But the focus of conflict counseling is on resolving a specific, or specific conflicts, rather than on long-term therapy, so the process is generally much more concise than traditional counseling methods.

How Much Does it Cost?

Because conflict counseling is designed to benefit from the experience and knowledge of a legal professional, the counseling is usually handled by an experienced lawyer. Our current hourly rate for conflict counseling services is $200.00 an hour, billed in .25-hour increments. So, a typical starting retainer might be $500.00 for the parties to start with 2.5 hours of time. This arrangement will be sufficient to resolve many conflicts, and will be provide insight and direction for those matters that require more time.

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