What is a Conflict Counselor?

A Conflict Counselor is a professional consultant specializing in helping individuals and groups resolve conflicts and disputes through negotiation, mediation, and conflict resolution techniques traditionally used in legal disputes. This role is crafted to bring the expertise of conflict resolution to typical, non-legal disputes, making professional assistance available for resolving persistent conflicts that harm relationships more than they benefit. The concept of conflict counseling emerged from the realization that many disputes do not require a full-blown legal intervention but rather a focused, efficient, and cost-effective method of resolution that can be provided outside of the courtroom.

Key aspects of what a Conflict Counselor does include:

The creation of conflict counseling responds to a gap in the existing support systems for individuals and groups experiencing conflict, providing a specialized service that addresses the need for a pragmatic, resolution-focused approach to disputes that do not necessarily benefit from traditional legal or therapeutic interventions.

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